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Claudia Mosley

As of 2013, I officially became an empty nester and I was excited about what this new chapter of life would bring. It had been my hope for quite some time to change careers and pursue something new that would truly allow me to grow in a whole new way.

Professionally my background is in education and working with children - I operated my own daycare business for nearly 20 years.  Although my work served my community well, my income was limited, I worked long hours, and I was often exhausted at the end of the day. 

So I decided to look for something where I could determine my own earning potential, allowed me to set my own schedule so I could travel more with my family, save for retirement, and still be able to help families and children. I wasn’t sure if the possibility existed for me personally, but I’m happy to say after learning more and deciding to partner with Moms Making Six Figures, I have a growing business today!

Partnering with Moms Making Six Figures was one of the best decisions I ever made for my family. My schedule is flexible and I have time to focus on what is important to me. And the most rewarding part has been helping other women who have the same dream of success.  

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